Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics flips to Fair OA

The editors-in-chief and editorial board of Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, currently published by Springer, have given notice of resignation. The Editors-in-Chief will see out their contracts with the old journal, until 31 December 2017. They will start a new journal, Algebraic Combinatorics, run according to the principles of Fair Open Access.The new journal, to be published in association with Centre Mersenne, is already open for business, with interim editors Victor Reiner and Satoshi Murai. To my knowledge this is the first time a mathematics journal has switched from a large commercial publisher to an open access model, let alone Fair Open Access. We hope it starts a trend, and congratulate the editors in chief Akihiro Munemasa,  Hendrik van Maldeghem, Christos Athanasiadis and Hugh Thomas.

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