MathOA is an organization modelled on LingOA, aimed at facilitating and accelerating the switch to open access publishing in mathematics (broadly interpreted), using the principles of what we call Fair Open Access (more details). To this end, we investigate publishers, obtain guaranteed funding, offer legal help, and generally try to simplify the job of editors in switching their existing subscription journal to a modern, community-controlled OA platform. We have substantial practical experience in running  journals and converting them to open access.

MathOA is a member of the Fair Open Access Alliance.

MathOA has received financial  support. Almost all the money received is used for direct costs of running the journals we are helping to convert. Less than 1% is spent on administration of MathOA itself.

MathOA gratefully acknowledges the support of CWI (Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica – Center of Mathematics and Computer Science) Amsterdam.